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This week!

Meet week for Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and AAU 3 and USA 4.  Please check the Band ap for exact date and time for your level. The location is South Forsyth High School Gym.   No parking fee.  Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children/seniors.  Seating will be in high school bleachers.

Congrats to Level 6 Kaitlyn Johnson.   She placed 89 out of 333 Level 6 athletes and is headed to the regional Championship in Chattanooga, TN.  She will compete against athletes from 8 states at Regionals!

Did you know?  We have an Instagram page for Dahlonega Gymnastics.  We often post videos of new skills that our team kids have learned.  Go follow us on the 'gram!

Coming soon... March 30-31 Level 7/8 State

                       April 1-5   CLOSED for SPRING BREAK  (no practice, gym closed for classes too)

                      April 13-14  State for Xcel Gold, Platinum at Riverside Military Academy  AND Azalea for 3,4, Bronze, Silver

                      April 19 @ 6:30 pm  Shooting Stars and Training Team Final Meet of the Season



Did you know?   When I get the detailed schedule from the host gym I update each "Band" calendar with the specific time.  If you see the entire weekend blocked off it is because I don't have the schedule yet.  

This week is meet week for Level 6,7,8, Gold and Platinum.  They will compete at the Atlanta International Convention Center near the airport.  Wish them luck this week!    #meetweekmonday

Meet fees.  If you have meet fees outstanding we will be mailing a statement to you this week.  If you find an error, email me.  Otherwise, please drop a check in the team account mailbox next to the office.

 Feb 15 at the gym for our Training Team and Shooting Stars.  Spectators!  BRING A CHAIR.  We will run out!  

 Feb 23-24  Super Cate in Cumming, GA Dobbs Creek Rec Center for Bronze, Silver, Gold, 3 and 4

1/22/19 This week in the gym the USA 4-8, Gold and Platinum teams will be getting ready to head to Asheville, NC for the Miles Avery Challenge.  On Friday the Level 4's, Gold and Platinum will have practice.   Level 6,7,8 and excused from practice so they can travel.


Private Lessons....Coach Dani, Annsley, Nikki, Lauren and Jessica are available for private lessons if your child has a fear or weakness they need to address.   To schedule a lesson, please contact the coach of your choice.   


Planning for summer ...  I am working on the summer practice schedule with our coaches.  Our current practice schedule will remain in effect through the end of May.   We will regroup in June .  I will have the summer schedule available in mid-February.  This summer we will be closed July 1-5 for vacation.  We will have a summer camp for all J.O. teams (Level 3-9)  the week of June 3-6.  The camp will be about $150 and will include a practice leotard, camp t-shirt, and daily field trips.   We will have guest coaches, special group activites and lots of time to work new skills.  Plan on being at camp everyday from 8 am to 4 pm.  During camp week will will not have regular practice.   After spring break I will have more details.   Our Training Team Xcel teams (Bronze, Silver) will not participate in camp, but we will have a special event or too over the summer for them too.


Good afternoon team parents!  Congratulations on making it through the first travel meet.  Our Bronze team placed 1st and our Level 4 team took 3rd place.  We had several girls take 1st place on individual events and All-Around.  That is a great start to our meet season.  Thank you all for cheering on the gymcats! 


Results....if you would like to see the results you can find them at meetscoresonline.com

Another site, mymeetscores.com, is easier to use but does not always have every meet listed.


Reminder....There was a scoring issue in the Friday session.  It did not affect our athletes.  After the mom of the kid that was affected handled it unprofessionally.   She emailed the meet director and then found her personal cell number and proceeded to call her 12 times the next day.  If you should ever have an issue at a meet please talk with your coach first.  If you cannot reach her, call me.  My cell is 706-344-9448.  I will go to the meet director for you.  Most importantly, remember that mistakes happen.  Be patient and be kind.

Coming up.... Later this month our Gold, Platinum and Level 4-8 ladies head to Asheville, NC!  If I have the meet schedule it will be on Band.  As soon as I get the detailed schedule I update each band calendar with the specific day/time for that level.   The time listed will be the start time for open stretch.  Please arrive 15 minutes before open stretch begins.  Thanks to all of my team moms for helping me double check the times.   With 8 different levels I am bound to mess up at least once a day!



 Meet Week for most of our kids!    Be here, be healthy and be your best! Don't forget to check the band event (calendar) for the exact day, time, and location for your level.  Some of the  times are later in the day than first published in December.  Email me if you have any questions.

Shooting Stars & Training Team....your day is coming!  Your first meet is February 15 at 6:30 pm.  Please plan to be here at 6:15 pm.  Spectators should plan to be here by 6:30  to see us perform.


Team will NOT have practice Friday, December 21 through Tuesday, January 1.

We will have open practice for any team member. Remember that these sessions are time for your athlete to practice routines and stay in shape over the holidays.    They will be given an assignment to complete while they are here.  Drop in during the open gym as you are able.  You do not need to stay the entire time.

Open Practice:  Dec 27, 28 & 31

9:00 am to 1:00 pm 

Merry Christmas!


Holiday Practice for all TEAM athletes

December 21-26   No Practice, the gym is closed

Dec 27, Dec 28, Dec 31   Open Practice for any team athlete 9 am to 1 pm

Jan 1  No Practice, the gym is closed

January 2.....back to the regular schedule

Reminder about meet schedules

Meet schedules are posted on Band for each level. I post the schedule for everyone on the team bulletin board in the lobby.  Feel free to visit the website for the meet.


Meet Etiquette (friendly reminders!)

1.  Never call the meet director or host gym.  

2.  Plan to arrive at the gym 30 minutes BEFORE your session begins. 

3.  Text or call your team mom (the list is on the team bulletin board) if you will be late or unable to attend a meet.  The coach is usually on the floor the whole day and is unreachable in emergencies.

4.  Coaches have back to back sessions at most meets.  They may not be at awards.  If something happens, or your athlete is overlooked, please get the team mom to contact the coach.   We are happy to help you out.

5.  If there is an medical emergency we will come and get you as soon as possible.  Spectators are not allowed in the competitive area for any other reason.

6.  I know everyone and everyone knows me.  I have been a gymnast/coach/judge  in Georgia since 1984.   Talking poorly about other teams or officials is not helpful for anyone.

7.  Gymnasts are expected to stay on the gym floor with the team until EVERY athlete has finished.  Awards are held after the end of session.  Please do not leave the awards as soon as your child gets her awards.  If you cannot stay for the entire awards session let the coach know.  You can leave after the meet and we will collect your medals to give to you at practice.

8.  Be prepared the night before!  Pack your bag.  You will need a water bottle, a healthy (non-messy) snack, your leotard/pants/warm-up jacket.   Make sure you bring slides/flip-flops to wear on the gym floor.  They  are often cold and I don't want your kids walking with barefeet on a public bathroom floor.  Get a good nights rest before the meet.  No sleepovers or movie marathons the night before.   

9.  Parents should plan ahead too.   Meets are long.  You can pack a cooler with drinks and snacks to avoid the concession stand.   Stadium seats are welcome too.   All meets charge admission between $7 and $15 for adults.   Kids under 5 are usually free.  Make sure you pack something for the younger siblings to do.  Competition is usually 2-3 hours and awards are a good 45 minutes long.

Make it a great season!  We can't wait to see our kids in action!!!

Jan 12-13   All Levels at Grant A Wish Classic

Jan 25-27  Optionals, 4 and Gold at Asheville, NC

Feb 8-10    Optionals and Gold at Atlanta Centennial

Feb 15       Training Team Meet

Feb  23      Super Cate in Cumming for Level 3,4, Bronze, Silver and Gold


Next week.....please check the band app for your level.   All of our teams will have a holiday party next week.  EXCEPT the optionals.   You guys have a meet next week, so we will do your party on Dec 14.

Christmas Break.....we will be CLOSED Dec  21-26 and  Jan 1.  We will have Open Practice for Team Only over the break.   Athletes can drop  in and leave as they wish, but they must come to work.  If your child does not normally attend practice for 3-4 hours plan on just being here for 2 hours.   Coaches will be on hand to spot, give corrections,  and redirect, but these are not fully structured practices.  Here are the dates for Open Practice

Dec 27, 28, 31 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm  

Pictures....Reagan has emailed a link for all photos.  Please email her if you have not yet received your photo link (WestDestinyDrive@gmail.com)

Healthy Snacks! Strong bodies need strong fuel and lots of water.  Please be sure that your athlete packs a water bottle (and a healthy snack if she has a snack break)


Picture update:  I have heard from the photographer that she will be emailing galleries beginning this week.  Please contact her (Reagan Powell) if you have any questions.  WestDestinyDrive@gmail.com


Thanksgiving:   Practice times for next week are slightly different

The gym is open on Monday and Tuesday ONLY next week.  If you take private lessons you will need to reschedule between 9 am -8 pm on either Monday or Tuesday.

Level 3 & 4 & Gold   Mon/Tue 9 am to 1 pm  (Coach Nikki and Annsley)
Optionals:  Mon 9 to 1 pm, Tue 8 am to 3pm**  (see band for details)
Bronze Team:  Monday 10 AM to 1 pm (Coach Lorie)
Silver:  Monday 5-8 pm  (Coach Mallie and Lauren)
Training Team:  Monday 4-6 pm  (Coach Nikki)
Shooting Stars:  Tuesday 4-5:30 pm  (Coach Grace)

No practice the rest of the week!





We will be CLOSED for Halloween on Wednesday afternoon.  If you practice on Wednesday you will NOT have practice.  Enjoy the family time!


Pictures:  We had a couple weddings right before our shoot.  Expect an email from West Destiny Drive Photography in 2 weeks.

Spirit Wear:  New Light Promos is creating a website to sell Dahlonega Gymnastics swag!   The site should go live in mid-November.   Expect to see shirt, decals, and hoodies with our gym name.   I will send you an email as soon as the site is up and running.  You will be able to place your order online and handle the sizing, personalization and payment right from your phone!

Meet Information:  Session dates and times will be posted on Band for each level.  Please contact Shannon via the gym email  if you need an invitation to  Band.


Drop by on Sunday, 10/28 at 2 pm to see our Shooting Stars perform at the Moonshine Festival in Dawsonville


Picture Day Update:  Thank you so much for such amazing participation for picture day.  I know it is hectic and crazy, but I love having a group shot of everyone!   Pictures are ALL digital.  The galleries will be emailed to your by the photographer.  She is working to get the team pictures edited and loaded by the end of the month. 

Balance of meet fees due Dec 1, 2018:   Just a reminder that your meet fees must be paid in full by 12/1/18.  Please email the office at DahlonegaGymnastics@gmail.com if you need a copy of your statement for team fees.  Remember that these are not paid to the gym (tuition) acccount.    Checks are payable to Dahlonega Gymnastics Team Account.

Last Fundraiser of 2018:   Lacey Johnson (Kaitlyn Level 6) is doing one last sheet order of the year.    The order is due November 2.   The ordering information is up on the website and team bulletin board, or click the button above.   Shannon is driving to Jasper, GA to pick up the sheets so we need a minimum order of 50 sets.   

Uniforms: If you have any item that does not fit or has a "issue".  Please bring it to the gym with a note attached letting Shannon know what needs to be fixed.  We are placing one"fill-in" order on 10/31.   No additional orders will be made after this date.  Thanks!


Don't forget!   Team Pictures are this Sunday at 1 pm.  (The original time was 12 pm, but it has been moved to 1 pm).

We will take one large photo of all team members (Shooting Stars, Training Team, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, 3,4,5,6,7,8) 

We will also take one photo of each level.  We will be done at 2 pm.  If you are not having individual photos you are free to leave at 2 pm.

Please wear your competition leotard.  You can wear your hair any way you wish.  


The cost of the image for the team photo  of your level is $15.00.  Payment is due the day of pictures to West Destiny Drive Photography.  If a parent will not be present for the photos, please email Reagan Powell to make arrangements with her.  Her email is 



Individual Photos begin at 2 pm.  The fee is $65 which  includes 3 poses of your athlete and one team photo.  We are using a grey background.  

Here is a link to the sign up sheet.  These are done by appointment only.  Siblings are welcome to do photos together at one appointment time. 


***  The entire team staff will be having a training session on Sunday from 2-3 pm.  We will not be available for help with office, uniform, or coaching questions during this time.  Please email us or ask us after practice if you have any questions.


Band:  To avoid confusion between levels we will be posting meet information on the an app called BAND.  Parents and athletes can join the BAND.  Please let me know if you need an invite.


Uniform Update:
We are finishing up the pants, jackets, bags and shirt orders.    All items should be in hand no later than October 12


Picture Day:

Please be sure your have Picture Day on your calendar.  October 14 (Sunday) at 1:00 pm (I made it later so you can still attend church if you wish) we will take a group photo of ALL levels.  After the group shot we will take pictures of each level (Shooting Stars, Training Team, AAU 3, USA 4, Optionals, Xcel Bronze, Silver and Gold).  We should finish this by 2:00 pm.  At 2:00 pm we will take individual photos.  A sign up sheet for individual photos will be emailed next week.  We would like everyone to be here from 1-2 pm for group pictures.  You are not required to stay for individual photos.  Details about the background, prices and packages will go out next week with the sign up email.   Our photographer is Reagan Powell of West Destiny Drive Photography. 


Meet Fees: Thank you for making your first installment for meet fees.  The balance will be due on 12/1/18.  If you need a copy of your account please email Lacey (our gym office manager) at DahlonegaGymnastics@gmail.com     I have already registered the athletes for the meets in December and January.  Please remember that meet fees are non-refundable.  If your fees are past due I will not be able to register your athlete for competition.


Hello everyone!  Today Lacey (our office manager) will be putting all of our events onto Band for each level.   If you are new to competition this year please know that we will post your session about 10 days before the meet.   Your child will compete in one session during the event dates.


Choreography Reminder:  Xcel Bronze and Silver should be at the gym on Sept 22 from 12-2 pm for choreo.  2 pm is the pick up time, not 3 pm.   This is mandatory.


Uniform Update:    Leotards and other uniform items are beginning to arrive. Training Team and Shooting Stars can drop by the gym after practice this week to pick up their leotard! 


Last Fundraiser before meet fees are due.....PASTA!

We are selling packages of novelty pasta (gymnnast, ballet football, college team!).  The price point is $6.50-$15.  Please stop by the desk and pick up an order form and see the samples.  The contact for this fundraiser is Miranda Aycock (miranda_2619@yahoo.com).  The due date  is  9/28/18.  You will earn at least 40% profit.  You can also sell the product to friends and family that do not live locally via an online link.



Zaxby's Night for Dahlonega Gymnastics is MONDAY, 9/10

Be sure to visit the Dahlonega location and support our team!


UNIFORM UPDATE: The shipping date for all of our uniform items looks to be the last week of September.  I got a sneak peek of our new jackets and they are AMAZING!


LEVEL 3 and 4: This Saturday from 12 pm to 2 pm our  Level 3 and 4 teams will work on choreography at the gym.  This is a mandatory event.  We will be learning the floor routine for the 2018-19 season.


SHOOTING STARS:  This week we begin working on our big show for October.   The girls are preparing a 3 minute number to perform at the NOA Talent Show on 10/13.  Please let Grace know if a few of you moms want to make hairbows for the event.  Details will be provided as soon as we have a time.


 Laundry Mama Fundraiser:  I will let you know as soon as I have a delivery date

Uniforms:   VERY IMPORTANT!!!!  Please stop by the office (or have your athlete do it) and verify the spelling of your child's name.   The names will go on the gym bag and the jacket.  If you do not verify your name then we will not put a name on your item(s).   If you would like a nickname on your bag or jacket,  please write this on the verification form in the office.

First 1/2 of team fees are due September 1.   Put your check in the "team account" mailbox and make it out to Dahlonega Gymnastics Team Account. 



Meet Fee Reminder.... Half of your meet fees are due Sept 1.  The total fee is $400 for Xcel Bronze, Silver and Gold.  The total fee for Level 3,4 and Optionals is $600.  Please drop a check in the black mailbox by the office.  The check is payable to Dahlonega Gymnastics Team Account.  We pay these fees directly to the host gym for the meets we attend.   Meet fees are non-refundable.  If you have a credit in your team account we will use the credit toward your fees.   Training team and Shooting Stars do NOT have meet fees.

Laundry Mama Fundraiser ...The order has been placed.  We will update you as soon as the orders are ready for pickup

Uniform Update... The ship date for the leotards is 9/15/18.  I will update you if this changes. 

Need a fundraiser?  If you would like to run a fundraiser please let me know.   You will be responsible for organization, marketing, and the accounting.  


Uniform orders are due TODAY! If Lacey is not in the office please leave your payment and order form in the black mailbox beside the office window labeled "Team Accounts".

If you have a TEAL or NAVY long sleeve competition leotard that you would like to sell, please drop it by the office with your name and size on it. I will offer the used ones to the girls that need to order one before I place the order.

Missing shoes: A pair of size 1 girls Nike running shoes, Light turquoise with a yellow swoosh. Please return to Amanda or Brooklyn Fant if you have mistakenly picked them up.

Ads for the TV (Corporate Sponsor) are due today. If you have someone lined up and the payment is not yet available you must email Lacey and let her know. Lacey8695@yahoo.com Shannon will be creating the ads and getting them up on the TV by the end of the week.

Laundry Mama Fundraiser: Point of.Contact. Donna Jackson 706 974 0537

We are selling large (bulk) quantities of detergent and soap.   Orders will be picked up about a week after the end of the fundraiser.

Here is the direct link to the Google Sheets order form
Beginning Now until August 15
Make checks payable to
Dahlonega Gymnastics Team Account
Fill order forms completely


 The 2018-19 Meet Schedule has been posted on our website.  Here is the direct link to the pdf so you can print it.

We are unable to schedule a make-up pool party.  I am working with other venues and update you ASAP with info.


UNIFORM ORDERS and payment are due July 31.  This is the VERY last day to turn them in so please make a note.



  Sheet sales are due July 27.  Please contact Lacey Johnson for info  (lacey8695@yahoo.com)

  Corporate/Business sponsors are due July 27, Please contact Lacey Johnson for info (lacey8695@yahoo.com)

  Donna Jackson (Cody's mom) will be doing a Laundry Mama fundraiser next month.  Details coming soon.

  USA Level 6,9, 10 State Meet will be hosted by our team parents at Riverside Military Academy.  More details to come!  March 16-17


Team Uniform orders are due Tuesday, July 31.  This is a HARD deadline.    Please make sure that you:

1.  Turn in the order with your complete name  (we have 3 Summer's on team)

2.  Turn in your payment in full (we cannot order things that have not been paid for)

3.  Return it by July 31, there are no re-orders!  It takes 8 weeks to get custom leotards.


Miranda Aycock, Level 7 Karisa's mom , will be compiling all of the order forms into a master list.  Please make sure she can read your form.  You do NOT need to put down a size.  We will use your child's measurements if you do not indicate a size.




  Sheet sales are due July 27.  Please contact Lacey Johnson for info  (lacey8695@yahoo.com)

  Corporate/Business sponsors are due July 27, Please contact Lacey Johnson for info (lacey8695@yahoo.com)

 Booth at Moonshine Festival 27  (Shannon is out of town)   We need a chairperson to run a "fairy hair" booth

 USA Level 6,9, 10 State Meet will be hosted by our team parents at Riverside Military Academy.  More details to come!  March 16-17



Due July 31.   We have sent home or emailed an order form with your child. Stop by the desk if you need a copy.  They must be turned in and paid in full by July 31. 



We have noticed a large number of athletes coming to practice late.  In an effort to help them learn how to manage time we will be giving them a consequence for coming in late.   If your child has a reason for being late consistently, please let us know. We don't want to punish them, we just want to make sure they use time wisely at home and get to practice on time.



I am working on the meet schedule today.  It will be posted on the website, in the lobby and emailed as soon as I am done. 


Order forms and sizing for leotards will be done this week and next week.  Please make sure your athlete picks up her order form in the office.  They are due July 31. 

Next week most of the kids will have a chance to swim in the gym pool or use the inflatable water slide.   Coaches will be putting information about "Water Day"  on Band for your team.

If you ordered sheets, they are in!  Please pick them up in the office.

If you have a business sponsor for your athlete, please turn in your order form.  Lacey Johnson is the contact for this fundraiser.


Next week Shannon will be out of the gym attending the Optional Team Summer Camp.  Please contact your coach if you need anything.  The Band app is the quickest way to contact your coach.   Please be safe and make it a great week.

The gym will be CLOSED July 1-8.  Enjoy the break!


I have been SO impressed with these girls.  We have been working on rope climbs, box jumps, chin-ups and leg lifts.  The stronger we are the easier it is to learn skills.  Keep up the great work.    Uniform order forms will go home next week.   Uniform orders and the payment will be due July 31.  Anything with a * is a new design.  If it does not have a star then you can use last year's item (if it fits).  We will have sizing leotards

Shooting Stars:   Leotard and Shorts  $ 55 total

Training Team :  Leotard and Sequin Capri pants $65 total

Xcel Bronze, Silver, Gold, USA 3/4:  Aqua leo, Sequin Capri pants, Team Jacket*, Team Bag  $220 total

USA 5-8:  Navy leo, team bag, sequin capri pants, Team Jacket*   $295 total


Reminder!   Sheet orders are due by Friday, June 8th for this month.  For details about the sheet fundraiser or business sponsorship ads, please contact Lacey Johnson.


Lacey Johnson is running the "Corporate Sponsor" fundraiser this summer.   Here are the details: 

It is time to start getting advertising sponsorships again!!!


We sell a spot to advertisers and their ad will be displayed on the television in the waiting room.  The money earned goes directly in your gymnast's booster club account to help with meet fees, team fees, team leotards, etc.  You can start getting sponsors now and you will have until July 27th.  New ads will start being on display during the month of August.  The advertisements are $200 and 100% of the sponsor money will be put into your child's booster club account.  You can download the form at this link. Below is a list of advertisers that sponsored a gymnast last year.  Please do not approach one of these sponsors since they already have a relationship with a gymnast.  


Swedish Backcare System

MB Resources

Homestar Mortgage-Clay Christy

J White Electric

Byrd's Mini Storage

Brooksher Feed and Supply

Longstreet Cafe

Dahlonega United Methodist MMO

City Liquor

Amicalola Propane

Anytime Fitness

Southern Staircase

New Light Promos

Poultry House Solutions

Farmer's Insurance


Knepper Heating and Air

Greene Ford

Atlanta Landscape and Fertilization

Café Cancun



 Welcome to the first week of practice for team 2017-18.   Once a week (usually Tuesday) I will be sending an update to the entire team.   This information pertains to the entire team.  Please make sure that you joined your team's group on the Band app.  This is where I will put information specific to your child's level. 


I hope that this week your athlete has a great practice.  Please let me know if you have any concerns.  You can call me at 706-344-9448 (Shannon's cell).  I usually coach between 3:15 and 8 pm daily.


BREAKS:  Athletes will have a short break during practice to hydrate.  If your athlete is here for 3 hours or more they should bring a healthy snack.   We want our athletes to drink water during practice.  Please do not send them with tea, lemonade, soda, gatorade or juice.   Healthy snacks include; string cheese (or Babybel), raw veggies/fruits, hummus, popcorn, pretzels, nuts, or crackers.  Here is a great article about healthy snacks!


TEAM POOL PARTY:  Our annual party will be Sunday, July 22 from 6:30-8:30 pm at Dawson County Pool.   The Hageli family will  provide burgers and hot dogs.  You will need to bring drinks for your family and a dish to share.  Make plans for your family to join us for this team tradition!

TEAM TRAINER:  Our team has an athletic trainer that visits twice a month.   Jessica Lord is partnered with NGHS and works with our students who have an injury or rehabilitation needs. 

SUMMER VACATIONS:   The gym will be closed Memorial Day and the  week of July 4th.   We know that our athlete's have summer vacations and may miss a week or two.  Please check the Band App in June for summer workouts to do while you are away from the gym.


Welcome (and welcome back) to the team! 

Shannon Hageli


DUE NEXT WEEK!   Team Registration Form and Annual Team Fee  (document on webpage)  Checks should be made payable to Dahlonega Gymnastics Team Account.  For a current copy of your team acccount statement, please email me.


 Please make sure that your have the BAND app on your phone and you have joined your athlete's team.  Athletes can join to by sharing the link with them.   We will send you information about YOUR level using band.  It is much easier than reading a huge email that I send to everyone.


Please check BAND for the schedule that begins Monday, May 7. 

Here is the sign up link....

Shooting Stars:https://band.us/n/a8a6X0B5yb48Z

Training Team:   https://band.us/n/a8a6X7Bby04bw

Bronze: https://band.us/n/aca2XbB7y95ae

Silver:  http://band.us/n/a2adX9Bdy34fL


Optionals:  (Level 5-10) https://band.us.n/a4adX3Bcyd30R

Level 3:http://band.us/n/a0a5X3By0354

Level 4:  https://band.us/n/acadXdBdy844a


Sheet Fundraiser:   Lacey Johnson (USA Level 5 Kaitlyn) is running this fundraiser.  To participate, please email her  at lacey8695@yahoo.com    The next order is due the first Friday of June by 7 pm.


Parent's Night Out Fundraiser:  Lorie Tucker (USA 6 Savannah) is running this monthly event.  To participate, please email her at newlightpromos@gmail.com


If you would like to run a fundraiser, please let me know. 


Shannon Hageli


training team tryouts

Tryouts are held in March of each year.  Please use the Contact Us form if you are interested in joining our team.

Xcel skill charts

This is a chart of the skills required for each level of Xcel.   This is not official, but written so that our athletes understand what they will need.  We will work skills May to August and then begin creating routines.

j.o. mobility charts

This file includes charts for our JO  Compulsory Program (Level 2-5)
We will be working on these skills May-August.  We will test the skills in August to determine each athletes final placement for the season.