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Team Tryouts

Join us April 17 from 9 am to 11 am.   We will have a team practice and evaluate your placement for 2021-2022 team.   Participants will be emailed Sunday, April 18 before 12 noon with details about your team placement.

Skills required to tryout for team: 

Vault:  Kick to handstand, hold 1 sec, fall to flat back

Bars:   Pullover and straight arm cast

Beam:  Cartwheel on low beam

Floor:  Backwalkover (or bridge kickover, Round-off)

Training Team:  our youngest group of team members training strong gymnastics shapes, strength and flexibility

GymStars:  Entry level competitive league that features local competitions, low entry fees and a great introduction to our sport!

AAU Xcel:  Our Xcel program is an affordable option with Atlanta are meet locations, state championships, and the opportunity to grow in gymnastics.  Many of these athletes are also involved in other sports or activities. 

Compulsory & Optional Program :  Our USA Gymnastics program is level 3 and up.  These athletes train intensely and gymnastics is the priority (after family and school).  Our expectations are high, but we put the athletes personal growth and development first.  We have trained state champions, regional qualifiers and college bound athletes since 1997.

training team tryouts

Tryouts are held in March of each year.  Please use the Contact Us form if you are interested in joining our team.

Xcel skill charts

This is a chart of the skills required for each level of Xcel.   This is not official, but written so that our athletes understand what they will need.  We will work skills May to August and then begin creating routines.

j.o. mobility charts

This file includes charts for our JO  Compulsory Program (Level 2-5)
We will be working on these skills May-August.  We will test the skills in August to determine each athletes final placement for the season.