The tables below list classes by program; preschool gymnastics, girls gymnastics, Go Ninja, and tumbling.    Our classes run year-round and our tuition is paid monthly on the first of the month.  If your athlete is ready to start today, then simply register for the class using the blue link next to the class name.  If you would like to do a free  trial class before you join, click the blue "register" button and then select "trial class" using the online form.    Please note that trials must be done in the class you wish to join.  Trial classes are usually scheduled the last week of the month.  For more information about classes click here.

GIRLS GYMNASTICS:  Pre-K to 12 years

These classes teach skills on vault, bars, beam, floor and trampoline.   We offer 2 adapted classes for students with special needs.  These classes are called HUGS.

GO NINJA Fitness/Tumbling/Trampoline:  Age 4-12 years

Boys and girls enjoy this fusion of tumbling, trampoline, fitness and NINJA skills (rope climbing, jumping obstacles, climbing walls) .  

TUMBLING & STRENGTH:  Age 7 to Adult

Each 90 minute class includes 30 minutes of cardio/strength training and 60 minutes of tumbling instruction (cartwheels, walkovers, handsprings, and saltos)