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Classes are ongoing and new students can begin the first week of the month.  Click here for our online registration page. 


Join us in The Tree House!.  This is our  preschool classroom.  Small classes in a distraction free environment.  A live video is streamed to our lobby so you can see your child in action.


Two's Leap Frogs:   Age 2-3 years

Classes meet for 30 minutes each week. This is a small group of 4 students and one instructor.  We begin with a group warm-up and then two skills circuits.  At the end of the class we go to the main gym to play in the pit.  Parents are encourage to help their child the first few classes until they are comfortable without a caregiver in the class room.

Three's Flying Squirrels:  Age 3-4 years

Class meets for 45 minutes once a week. Classroom or school experience is not required for this  group. Students learn basic gymnastics position (attention, ta-da, straddle, tuck, straight) and how to get on and off the equipment safely.   Rolls, cartwheels, and handstands are just a few of the skills presented in class.  This class encourages students to jump, swing, hop and run with more confidence.  They also learn important class (gym) skills such as; safe landings, waiting your turn, following direction, and planning motor movements. At the end of the class we go to the main gym to play in the pit and tumbl-trak.

PreK- K Wise Owls:  Age 4-5 years

Class meets for 55 minutes once a week.  Students should have some classroom experience so that they are familiar with taking turns, walking in a line and following simple directions.   This class follows our Beginner Gymnastics curriculum.   They spend 35 minutes in the classroom and the remainder of the class in the big gym. 

Click here to view a schedule of our Preschool Classes

School Age Girls Gymnastics:   5- 12 years

These classes teach skills on vault, bars, beam, floor and trampoline.   We offer an adapted class for students with special needs.  These classes are called HUGS.   All classes are 55 minutes.  Click the ability level to see the schedule.  Tuition is $88per month for one class per week and $120 a month for 2 classes per week

Beginners  (no experience)   Intermediate  (must have a cartwheel)  Advanced (must have a bridge kickover)

GO NINJA Fitness/Tumbling/Trampoline:  Age 4-12 years

Boys and girls enjoy this fusion of tumbling, trampoline, fitness and NINJA skills (rope climbing, jumping obstacles, climbing walls) .  Classes are 55 minutes  Click here to schedule the schedule


55 minutes of tumbling instruction (cartwheels, walkovers, handsprings, and saltos)   Students are grouped by age first and then ability.   The lesson plan also includes developing the physical strength and flexibility needed to safely and effectively learn the next progression.

Click here to view the schedule. 

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