June Strength Training

Warm-ups:   Active Flex across the floor

At the end of practice add soft tissue roll out and static stretch session 

Core Workouts

Circuit One: Complete two times:
1) Core weighted plank drags with kettle 10 each side

2) Backside Big Ball Rock 30

3) Core side plank rock to slam 15 each side

Circuit Two:Complete two times
1) Tepee Plank on BOSU 20

2) Reverse Plank Rope Slams 30

3) Reverse Plank Roll outs yoga ball 20

Circuit Three: Complete two times:
1) Backside rope slither with rope 20 each way

2) Double Leg Lift on Yoga Ball 20 

3) Core backside swimmers on Bosu with ankle
weights 1 minute timed 

Circuit Four: Complete two times:
1) Inner thigh lower core ball lift 50

2) Side to Side Tension Core Fish tail on bar: 20 each direction

3) Core weighted Stacked Ups Video link 20 each legon top



Circuit One: Complete Two Times:

1) Legs Power clean and press 15

2) 2 passes of Legs over the Shoulder

3)Power jump and explode w/ kettles 2 passes

Circuit Two: Complete Two Times:

1) Burpee deadlift heavy weight 15 

2) Back Hamstrings Upper Body Situp on Ball with
band and partner 30

3) Legs balance/stability bosu single leg holds on
knees, hold for 30 seconds each knee, then 30
seconds standing on each leg

Circuit Three: Complete two times:
1) Legs butterfly lift on big ball 30 (for progression:
start doing this on a high block or panel, then move to
the ball) with band 

2)Legs deep side lunge with weights 15 each side
Video link

3)Hips: Knee kick around with band injury 20 each
direction prevention 

Circuit Four: Complete ONE TIME:

1) 2 sets of 30 calf raises on squishy mat:

2)Flex ball roll outs on knees 20 and then standing 20
each leg